Consulters Evaluated WatchTower as Most Useful App

Our new app WatchTower, One board for multiple Jiras, gained the mark of one of the most useful apps of Codegeist. The Atlassian Solution Partner and the former Codegeist winner — StiltSoft ranked our app in their review. Read more

WatchTower Deserved Honorable Mentions as Best Software Team App on Codegeist

WatchTower is announced as one of three Top Contenders in the Best Software Team Apps category on Codegeist. Read more

WatchTower — One Agile Board for multiple JIRA instances

Rozdoum is happy to announce the release of WatchTower — One Agile Board for multiple JIRA instances. Should you ever struggle to deal with a setup where work assignments are spread between different instances of JIRAs — you know the pain of getting an overview and aligning your tasks properly. Read more