Time Tracking App

  • The App defines the work log policies for individual users or groups, enforcing the user to log work in time. The reporting shows in a simple and convenient way when the user failed to add required work logs.

  • The need to build a tool which will make developers (or any employees) build a habit of reporting the work on time, on a daily basis.

  • The App for Jira allows administrators to set up some rules for the work logs. Should an employee break that rule – his Jira page is being redirected to a broken rule landing page when the user tries to create a new issue or add a comment, and so on. Thus, users are forced to log their work in time.

  • Atlassian SDK, Jira API, Javascript libraries (jQuery, underscore, etc…), OSGi, TDD (JUnit, Mockito).

  • Project management  Reports  Time tracking  

Time Tracking App for Jira

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