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Being the official Atlassian Expert company, Rozdoum shares the values and follows ideas spread by Atlassian. We believe your own experience is the best way to make your business benefit from the Atlassian set of tools. To help you reach your goals, our company provides consulting and technical support services all around the world.

Jira® Consultancy

First-time Jira installation

(Your first excellent Jira experience)

We can assist you to choose the proper software and licensing plans satisfying your needs. We will guide you how to transform your business processes into workflows. We can help with installation, setting and testing your Jira.

  • Analysis of your business processes architecture.
  • Planning your Jira components and possible integrations.
  • Help with the administration, including installation and permission and access settings.
  • Testing your Jira performance.
  • Advice about data migration.
  • Informational support with useful links, manuals, and guidance.

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Advanced Jira users

(Sharpen your Jira instance)

We can help your Jira change along with your business development. We can consult you about apps and extensions available to boost your Jira performance. We can study your need of Jira upgrade and/or its integrations.

  • Evaluation of your Jira performance and its potential.
  • Customization of your Jira: adding workflows, creating new dashboards, labels and so on.
  • Extension of Jira functionality with available apps.
  • Integration with other Atlassian and non-Atlassian tools.
  • Planning maintenance and testing activities to prevent failures.

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Confluence® Consultancy

Make your knowledge base accurate

We can support your intentions to create the universal knowledge base of the strict hierarchy and different permissions levels. We will teach you how to manage the content in Confluence painlessly.

  • Analysis of the needs, planning the structure.
  • Advice about data migration.
  • Designing the hierarchy.
  • Setting rules and access permissions.
  • Recommendations about apps.

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Get Atlassian experts support on every level

Need help with particular issues? Contact us today, and we’ll find a solution that works for you. Rozdoum provides customized support services to the client’s needs.

  • Support for Atlassian Jira or Confluence.
  • Fix support, in case of applications and apps failed running.
  • Support and guidance for system apps.
  • Investigation help, in order to know the reason of any occurred problems.

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