Atlassian Summit US 2017 From Rozdoum View

This year Rozdoum participated in all key Atlassian events: Summit Europe in Barcelona, Summit US in San Jose, and in Codegeist Hackathon. You are welcome to take a look on outcomes we got from the last two.


The WatchTower app — One board for Multiple Jiras, is our breakthrough effort of this year. If you visited Summit in Barcelona, you remember our staff in orange jail suits presenting it as MVP. Based on outcomes of European Summit we decided to invest in creating a market-ready addon. We were happy to know at the US Summit that WatchTower was announced one of the winners of Codegeist Hackathon in the category of Best Software Team Apps.

The Summit in the US brought us an understanding of new use cases for WatchTower, like the migration of Jira for Enterprise clients. WatchTower may help teams on old and new instances stay on the same page. If you feel a common pain, you are welcome to try the WatchTower app from the Atlassian Marketplace. Your feedback will help us to improve the app features.

New Atlassian Branding

Atlassian updated the brand logos as well as all products logos. The new design is consistent, flexible and ready to meet new challenges. The main idea of new changes is to underline the Atlassian focus on the collaboration and teamwork. The designers sustained the key elements such as gradient and simple symbolism in the whole line of logos. Despite the boundaries restricted by the new brand style, Atlassian left enough space for creativity and fun.


It is an opportunity to express a personal touch through the brand logo. We think the community will appreciate such a way of specifying the belonging to the Atlassian.


The announcement of Stride fed the audience curiosity. It is a tool for team communication with built-in voice and video meetings. Atlassian is trying to find the best way of communication for an every team. Stride tries enhance communication by allowing marking messages as decision or action. Another thing is a special “focused” mode – when messenger will not distract a user from work, sneezing all notifications, at the same time all important information is pinned and very easy to recap later.

Atlassian used all the experience of creating HipChat to create Stride totally from scratch to become a rival for modern team communication platforms like Slack.

Jira & the whole Atlassian Family

To our point of view, all the changes in the Jira and Atlassian family are targeting three main demands.

  1. Be the tool to feet any team size
    • Hipchat and Crowd were added to Data Center family. They will supplement enterprise solutions that are already offered, like Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Bitbucket.
  2. Simplify the complicated processes
    • Jira’s UI had changed and the most popular features are now easier accessible. Project level administration, Filtering, creating and editing of issues, adding and changing user roles and many other.
  3. Assist on the way to a release
    • It essential to connect all team member in a common workflow and work for the same result together. DevOps Playbook, DevOps Marketplace, Teamwork Platform are the new offerings from Atlassian to help different teams collaborate.


Not so long ago, Trello entered the Atlassian family and reached 25 millions of users. Now it is fully integrated with Atlassian products. Trello is mainly intended for non-technical users, you may organize family activities or a homework or even a wedding with this tool. A desktop app version of Trello was released to support the need. At the same time, it provides a great visualization opportunity with its cards for tech teams, that is why Trello users can see their work in BitBucket and Confluence.


More features for content structuring were added to Confluence. The Atlassian team re-think its UX to make it easier to use. Making lists in Confluence is more convenient now. Adding a person to a space is now a simplified process.


It seems that Atlassian decided to split US and EU Summits and hold one per year. Next time Atlassian Summit in Barcelona will be held on 4-6 September 2018. The Atlassian Summit in the USA is planned for April 2019 in Las Vegas. To our mind, the US edition had much more valuable representation of Atlassian Community compared to one in Barcelona. Vegas sounds awesome. The open question is will the representation picture of the EU Summit change when there will be no event in the USA. Never know until you try. Hope we will have the chance to join both upcoming events as well.

Whether you have something to add to this post or ask us a question, please, leave us a note.