WatchTower Deserved Honorable Mentions as Best Software Team App on Codegeist

WatchTower is announced as one of three Top Contenders in the Best Software Team Apps category on Codegeist.

As you already know, Rozdoum released a new JIRA add-on — WatchTower. Our Atlassian team build it to solve the pain of working with multiple JIRAs, that we face in our everyday routine. WatchTower consolidates issues from several distributed JIRAs into a single agile board. At Rozdoum we believe this pain is common for many development teams. To evaluate interest in our add-on, we submitted WatchTower to Codegeist Hackathon 2017.

We are proud of this achievement. Big thanks to our first users and those who generously shared their honest feedback — your contribution helped us to get this status. Your support is a good reason to improve our add-on and deliver more useful features.

Hearty greetings and congratulations to the whole Rozdoum team! Great job!