Consulters Evaluated WatchTower as Most Useful App

Our new app WatchTower, One board for multiple Jiras, gained the mark of one of the most useful apps of Codegeist. The Atlassian Solution Partner and the former Codegeist winner — StiltSoft ranked our app in their review.

Consulters Evaluated WatchTower as Most Useful App

Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon has grown to compare with statistics of 2016. Last year the competition had 37 submissions, and 7 winners of 932 participants. In 2017 Codegeist received 115 submissions. The apps competed in 6 categories and $60,000 in prizes. Six judges evaluated the contenders’ software for its usefulness, innovation, quality, and design.

As we heard at the Atlassian Summit US, it was extremely hard for judges to choose the winners this year. All the submission were powerful, efficient, essential, and usable to the highest extent. That is why among the winners there were announced top contenders for each category.

WatchTower has become the third winner as the Best Software Team App. WatchTower consolidates issues from different Jiras into a single agile board. It helps to concentrate on one board and avoid context switching by working with remotes Jira instances seamlessly.

Stiltsoft had provided a good analysis of the apps submitted for the contest. They chose five the most useful among the participants. WatchTower entered this list and predictions turned to be very accurate. Big thanks to Stiltsoft experts for their appreciation. Their valuation is even more valuable because they have already won the Codegeist before.

If you are tired of switching between different working environments, staying focused on one agile board might be a solution. Try WatchTower — the app, that consolidates the tickets from several Jiras, and join the WatchTower users now.