Release Notes for Jira and Confluence

  • Custom add-ons for Jira and Confluence to automate creation of Release Notes documents. The goal is to simplify the product release process and reduce time and resources applied to writing Release notes.

  • The add-on for Jira tracks ticket statuses and, at the release stage, requires from a developer’s team to fill up several obligatory fields. The add-on for Confluence renders a page with Release notes and pulls the latest specified data from selected Jirs tickets to Confluence seamlessly.

  • The add-on for Jira was developed to customize a standard procedure to fit the client’s workflow and automate the Release notes creation. With every delivery, a Jira issue transition and edit screens are complemented with additional fields to gather information for Release notes. To prevent possible mistakes and fields skipping, the app uses a dynamic scenario when the next field is available only after a user completes the previous one. The add-on for Confluence uses JQL filters to collect the required tickets and fields from Jira and generate a page with Release notes information. Our team implemented several configurable macros for the Confluence page to present data in several different models according to client’s demands. Every update in Release Notes info in Jira seamlessly pulls to the relevant Confluence page. The implemented Confluence add-on supports export of Release notes pages to .csv, .pdf and .doc formats.

  • Atlassian SDK, Jira API, Confluence API, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Velocity Macros

  • Integrations  Project management  Workflow  

Release Notes for Jira and Confluence app

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