Atlassian Purchasing and Licensing

Get Atlassian Licenses at official prices from the official Solution Partner on the local market, no extra charge, additional fees or taxes. Along with licensing we can offer:

  • Quality and fast services
  • Help and consultancy on installation, configuration, and integration of Atlassian products with each other and with other systems
  • Training and support to make sure you use the full potential of Atlassian stack of software.

Quick & Easy Licensing


Your team will know what to do and how to do it. This course covers what you need to use Jira®.

We offer basic user training and course for an administrator of Jira® and Confluence®.


Though there are a lot of tutorials, forums, blogs, and articles on Atlassian product line, they are often related to more general topics and sometimes it may be confusing to perceive the huge amount of new knowledge at once. Meanwhile, your question may be so distinctive and particular, that may not have the obvious answer, we definitely know how to help you. Our training programs are condensed and flexible to meet your demands, or to solve your case.



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