Basic Training (Introduction)

New products are better accepted by people if they have good introduction to it and know the basics from day one. If you are planning to start using Atlassian product like Jira or a set of products altogether it is always a good idea to start from at least short training. Your team will know what to do and how to do it. These course covers what you need to use JIRA. We offer basic user trainings on the following products:
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Bamboo
  • HipChat

Administrators Training

Save time and nerves of your administrators by letting them start with a training that highlights the most important parts of administering Atlassian products like Jira or Confluence. Jira administrators training includes (but not limited to) following topics:
  • Project and Workflow setup
  • User management
  • Dashboards and Agile boards
  • Email Notification schemes
  • Email processing
Though there are a lot of tutorials, forums, blogs, and articles on Atlassian product line, they are often related to more general topics and sometimes it may be confusing to perceive the huge amount of new knowledge at once. Meanwhile, your question may be so distinctive and particular, that may not have the obvious answer, we definitely know how to help you. Our training programs are condensed and flexible to meet your demands, or to solve your case.