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Agile development with efficient communication. Make your processes transparent, flexible and easy to control — migrate to JIRA.

Lead your projects to success with JIRA.



Enhance the performance with the winning combination of Atlassian tools.


Reach your goals and benefit from day one using the right set of tools from Atlassian.

Custom Add-on

Have a specific task? Solve it with the custom add-on.


Case Studies

Time Tracking Add-on for JIRA

Time Tracking Plugin

The custom developed add-on defines worklog policies, enforcing the user to log work in time by setting appropriate reminders.

Data-Retrieving Plugin

The Table Grid allows using tables the JIRa’s tickets. Organize big data amount into tables to make it readable, countable, and searchable.
Atlassian Marketplace Add-ons

Rozdoum add-ons

Rozdoum developed JIRA add-ons that help to improve internal processes and cover the Sales and Marketing, Project Management and Financial departments needs.
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